"On washing days, it takes much less detergent to wash the clothes and the clothes come out very clean.  The clothes feel softer and look cleaner.  I am sure this will lengthen the life for our clothes."
Harold D. Smith - Fairfield, California
"What a joy to use only a dab of laundry soap and not have to lug a big box home from the store on a regular basis.  Doug never once complained of dry skin this past winter and cleaning has become much easier."
Doug & Marjorie Jackson - Silver Lake, Missouri
"I smile to myself when I am in the supermarket and pass by the detergent and facial soap aisles.  I realize the money I am saving as a result of using your products.  I am convinced that I made a prudent investment."
Irene Gibbs - Brunswick, Georgia
"Immediately we discovered we used less cleaning products.  The tile in the bathroom is now shining for the first time, due to the absence of soap film and lime build-up, in more years than I care to remember.  This home is 38 years old.  I have discovered that my hair, which is naturally wavy, is now looking better, and has deeper, and more waves than before.  We no longer need to use a conditioner on our hair after a shampoo."
Edward Kawamura - Scottsdale, Arizona
"We have found the cleaning products  to be a real pleasure to use.  I still can't get over how little you have to use to do the same cleaning jobs, and the so called 'tough stains' are no longer a problem at our home!"
Andy Jordon - Newport News, Virginia

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